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Academy Advisory Committee Challenge and Support



The Manorside Academy Advisory Committee (AAC) is a voluntary committee comprising parent volunteers and independent local community members who provide their time and expertise (Support) for the benefit of the school, its pupils and staff. Its primary function is to hold the school to account (Challenge) against its general performance and the value it adds to each of the pupils it provides education to and equally to provide independent support for a range of administrative tasks.


The Manorside AAC comprises the following members:

Chairperson – Mr William Hayes

Profile: I am a former Royal Marines officer. I served for 23 years across the world, facing many challenges and experiencing many different cultures. I am experienced in the planning and delivery of strategy, governance, and in leading high-performing teams. I now work in the City of London for a leading insurance company as a project manager. My experience has taught me the value of education, of creating safe and happy environments for children to learn and prosper, and of reaching and maintaining the highest standards. As a member of the AAC, I am committed to supporting and where appropriate, challenging the leadership team at Manorside Academy to ensure the school continues to deliver an outstanding performance.


Mrs Sarah Smith – Independent Member

Profile: As the Primary Outreach Coordinator at Bournemouth University I have a strong commitment to raising and supporting the aspirations of young people. I believe the earlier young people can start to think and plan for their future the more likelihood they have of reaching their goals. I have worked in Outreach at the University for the past 12 years working with both Primary and Secondary Schools across Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset.  Prior to this I lived in London and as a music graduate I taught Classical Piano to all ages including adults and children with SEN. I still play the piano and now enjoy teaching my son. I am dedicated to supporting students particularly those students who face the biggest challenges to ensure they achieve the very highest standards.


Mrs Kruti StHelen – Parent Member

Profile: I am the Safeguarding AAC Member at Manorside Academy. I am dedicated in helping the school work hard in achieving excellence and maintaining high standards for your child and all children that pass through the school over time.
Outside of the school, I am a qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist and I run my own my private practice as well as conduct training and seminars for various organisations, including the NHS, on mental health. In my spare time,  I like reading and writing. I love spending time with my family, especially when it involves being outdoors.


Mr Frank Amat – Independent Member 

Profile: As a parent, I value the importance of a stable education, particularly in the early years of a child’s life. My thirty five year career at British Airways has given me a good understanding of high expectations and standards and my aim is to support and uphold the values of Manorside and bring an objective approach to the success of this school.


Mrs Laura Delciappo Amat – Independent Member

Profile: I have had the opportunity to live in several countries and as a modern language graduate, I have taught children to GCSE level in French.  I flew for British Airways for twenty eight years and hope my interest and compassion for the welfare of the pupils and staff will be beneficial and advantageous to the AAC, to maintain transparency and success for Manorside. For the last two years, I have been a full-time carer for my mother here in Bournemouth.

AAC  Members Attendance Record 2017-2018

AAC Members Attendance Record 2018-2019