50 Things to do During your Time at Manorside Academy To help develop pupils' Cultural Capital and ensure we are offering a wide range of opportunities, we have created 50 Things to do During your Time at Manorside Academy

During your time with us at Manorside Academy, we want to make sure that you experience a wide range of opportunities and ‘moments’ that we believe are important in every child’s time growing up – and that your time with us will help you to take a range of knowledge and experiences onto your next school and beyond.

The staff and pupils at Manorside have created a list of special moments and milestones that will be achieved during your short time with us. These are closely linked to the school’s curriculum and broken into year groups to ensure they are purposeful, progressive and engaging for all pupils. When you join Manorside Academy, you will receive a booklet that will move with you through the school where you can document each of these milestones as you achieve them/

Have a look at the list below and see what you can look forward to achieving alongside your everyday learning within the classroom and school day.

1. To present an all about me box

2. Painting a self-portrait – Create a gallery for parents to come in and sell portrait for a donation towards resources

3. Design a campaign poster

4. Be a chef for the day

5. Re-enact a Roman battle

6. Stay away from Home

7. Apply for a job

8. Food Tasting – China, Africa, England, Scotland, and Wales

9. Build a weather station


Visit a church

11. Grow a plant from a seed

12. Be an eco-warrior

13. Learn to ride a bike safely

14. Learn first aid

15. Julia Donaldson Dress up day

16. Create our own Great Fire of London

17. Learn to stay safe

18. RNLI history and water safety talk

19. Meet an athlete

20. Be an archaeologist for the day

21. Design & make a nightlight

22. Learn to play the ukulele

23. Follow a map

24. To take part in science experiments in professional labs

25. Bake Viking bread

26. Illuminate a Lego town

27. Arrival of Chick Eggs

28. Meet an Author

29. Bug hunting in our grounds

30. Walk from the woods to the sea

31. Visit an art gallery

32. Run a stand at our school fayre

33. Go stargazing

34. Meet someone from a different faith

35. Climb a castle?

36. Hunt for treasure

37. Watch a classical symphony orchestra

38. Visit our country town of Dorchester

39. Share food from another culture

40. Grow a butterfly from a caterpillar

41. Meet a war veteran

42. Under the Sea Science Dome

43. Stand on board a ship

44. Swim safely in the sea

45. See where our waste goes

46. Lead a sport

47. Visit our capital city

48. Raise money for charity

49. Perform in a musical

50. Graduate from Manorside Academy