Our School Values


Alongside our school mantra of  ‘High Expectations leads to High Achievers’ –  We strive for our pupils to excel in all they do! Not only in the academic aspect of their school life, but to be the very best young person they can be! We desire to see all our pupils flourish! They have one education with us, and we want it to be the best it can be! 

At Manorside we have school values that all our pupils and staff members strive to be. These are: 


We practice being strong on the inside, persevering and trying our best, steadfast in achieving our goals. 


We listen to others, respect differences in beliefs and opinions, always valuing others thoughts and feelings.  


We are compassionate, thoughtful and supportive to all inside and outside our school community, understanding that positive relationships make our school a happy place .


We understand that we are all created differently and we will celebrate diversity, accepting that we all have special strengths and gifts that are to be grown.