Remote Learning provision Links to our provision and policy documents

To ensure that we are able to support pupils when they require remote learning, we make sure that we equip pupils with the skills to do this as part of their Computing curriculum. During Computing lessons, pupils are taught how to log on, use passwords safely and how to use Microsoft Teams as well as how to access the online learning tools that the school subscribe to. These skills are then transferrable for when pupils are required to access learning remotely as teachers either set this on Microsoft Teams or use the online learning tools to set appropriate work. Also, online safety is prioritised as part of the Computing curriculum, with the school subscribing to National Online Safety and using this as a tool to ensure all pupils are able to access learning remotely in a safe and age-appropriate way. Some of the online learning tools we use at Manorside, that pupils have access to, are; Purple Mash, National Online Safety, My Maths, Timestable Rockstars, Numbots, RWI Phonics Library, Microsoft Teams, White Rose Maths, DigiMaps and Charanga. When these are required, all pupils have the logins to these printed in their school planners to ensure they can access them with ease when working remotely.

We aim to support any pupil that requires remote working to make it as effective as possible and members of staff are happy to offer guidance via email, phone or virtual meetings to support parents and pupils with accessing work set.