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Feedback and agreement forms


Remote Learning agreement form

(including live assemblies)

For any parent that has not yet completed the Remote Learning Agreement and Guidance form, please click here. This will allow your child to join live sessions (including assemblies), when timetabled. You will need to login with one of your children’s accounts to access this link.

Please note: If you answer that you do not wish your child to turn on their camera or microphone in question 7, they can still join assemblies and other live sessions, but you will need to instruct your child not to turn on their camera or microphone. We encourage you to agree to all sections, so your child gets the full benefit of participating in assemblies or lessons with their teachers and peers.

Pupil awards for Celebration Assembly

If you child has earned an award this week (stars, Bookworm, etc), please complete the below form. It will close at 9am on Friday morning and the award will be posted the following week.

Form for Celebration Assembly, 26th February (closes 9am on 26th)

Form for Celebration Assembly, 5th March (opens on 26th and closes 9am on 5th).

Please note: you must have agreed to the conditions of the agreement form (at the top of the page) for you child to be able to join the assembly.


If you would like to highlight a piece of work you and your child are particularly proud of, please Tweet

We will be adding to this page to give you more ways to leave your lovely comments on remote learning.