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Principal                              Mrs S Rempel

Vice Principal                    Mrs K Davis

Vice Principal                    Mrs H Blake


Teaching Staff


Miss A Lock

Ms A Golebiowska

Year 1 

Miss M Weston

Mrs B Cuff

Year 2  

Mrs E Hallums

Miss Kearns/Mrs H Blake/Mrs K Davis

Year 3 

Miss L Febery

Mrs R Sullivan

Year 4 

Mrs H Rehman

Miss E Bray

Year 5 

Miss L Vallely

Mr R Douglas

Year 6   

Mrs C Wynne

Miss R Cooper


Mrs A Walton


Support Staff

Business Team 

Mrs M Welch (Office Manager)

Miss J Harvey (Admin Assistant)

Mrs C Conroy (Admin Assistant)

Mr C Simmons (Finance Assistant)

Learning Mentors

MS H Romero

Mrs H Thomas

Teaching Assistants 

Mrs J Goodrum

Mrs K Herrington

Mrs R Jemison

Mrs S Love

Mrs J Moorley

Mrs D Mott

Mr C Davis

Mrs K Witherington

Miss H Preece

Miss J Barfield

Mrs N Critchley

Mrs J Winter

Miss S Ayley

Inclusion Team 

Mrs S Rempel (SENCo)

Mrs M Carpenter (Inclusion Lead)

Miss M Kingston (SEND Lead)

Miss S Hunt (Inclusion Assistant)

Mrs J Mills (Pastoral Support Worker)

Mrs M Fagan (Curriculum Enrichment Co-ordinator)

Midday Supervisors   

Mrs D Chotty

Mrs J Coleman

Mrs M Collins

Mrs T Johnson

Mrs T Linnington

Miss M Morris

Miss A Snow


School Information

Thought of the week

Queen's Official Birthday Children to decide on their own Though for the Week based on what it means to be British.